We provide you with all the legal knowledge and expertise you need for your undertakings in Germany and the EU.

We provide help and consulting in the following fields of law:

  • Anti-Trust
  • Business
  • Capital Markets
  • Competition
  • Compliance
  • Conflict of Laws
  • Corporate
  • Criminal Defense (white collar only)
  • Environmental
  • EU Law
  • Inheritance
  • Insolvency
  • IT/IP
  • Litigation
  • M&A
  • Real Estate
  • Tax (German/International/DTA)
  • Trade (German/International/CISG)

Our services for you:

  • Drafting of reliable opinions
  • Filing/defending your cases at German Courts and the European Court of Justice
  • Filing your German taxes
  • Aid in dealing with German authorities
  • Translation of legal documents

Kay Hübner is a German qualified attorney and judicially authorized translator English/German. His qualifications in compliance, tax and business law blend together to effectively promote your objectives.

German laws translated

We provide translations of German laws into English. Especially banking, tax and corporate acts. (For communication purposes only; for legal reliability please turn to the German original) [link]

Abstracts on German law

Here you find abstracts on German law in English. [link]